Monday, February 16, 2015

The House of Hancock..

Oh my word Claudia Karvan I love you and I even love Peta Sergeant (Satisfaction fame - now that show had some sex scenes 50 Shades) but this mini-series was just low budget trash.

Unfortunately for poor old Gina Rinehart she ended up getting this mini series far more publicity than it deserved. Let's be honest most Australians unless employed by you or like mining dislike you and fail to understand your greed, but honey no one cares about this mini series so nor should you. You would have been better saving your money (not that you have to), getting your hairs did and nails did and look presentable for once in your life.

The news articles in the lead up to this were free publicity for the second part of as Miranda Devine labelled it "trashy" and basically babes I have to agree with you. Peta Sergeant was also comical as Rose Hancock and Sam Neill just didn't cut it for, Rhonda has just been way to over exposed (almost at the levels of Vile Kyle or Karl from the Today Show) and I am getting the feeling we are about to see a whole lot more of her in Love Child when it eventually returns.

Australia I urge you to make more drama but when this is the final product I feel a little disappointed. At least Hiding improved out of sight for episode two. Same could not be said for Winter which looks like another cop show, same formula, winning Channel 7 personality and the odd guest star.

Oh well 2015 is still early, however if Channel 9 is saying Gallipoli is the TV event on 2015, what on Earth is going to be delivered for the next 10 months? The House of Rinehart, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here (Season 2) (I actually shouldn't joke apparently it's on the cards, now some celebrities have seen they get more attention for appearing on this shit) or another worn out series of the Block?

Come on Australia it's time to pull your socks up.

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