Saturday, February 28, 2015

When Mardi Gras meets Future & Soundwave drop in for a Threesome in Sin City

What a PACKED weekend it is in Sydney! Sin City x3 major events/festivals this weekend, leading the charge is the Mardi Gras in full swing after Fair Day fucked up parking in my neck of the woods and Mardi Gras events like Matthew Mitcham takes his cabaret show "Twists & Turns" to the stage at the Seymour and Sandra B hits the Enmore.

Can't comment on Sandra B but Matthew Mitcham (as distracted) as I was, was actually a bit of fun.

Future Music Festival and Soundwave both compete for the music lovers dollars this weekend and who will win? Well both festivals totally target separate markets, once dance + drugs, one metal/cock rock + bogan antics.

Not too mention whilst this skin parade is happening it's also Lunar New Year. Hells bells it's a cultural clash of the Titans. The Chinese/Asian Community and the bogans of this fine nation.

I won't go into that as that's a much bigger piece.

So Sydney it's the last day of Summer and people are out in the busloads so what do I do, get a massage and pop off to the cinema (review posted tomorrow AM).

Sydney really is special in Summer and the atmosphere is amazing. Why on Earth do I question my life in Sydney from time to time? Is it all the people pushing and shoving? Is it all the arrogance and self loving. Or is that just 2015 when everything thinks there Facebook page is better than the next person? Their tweet is more witty than the last or their Instagram photo is the best picture ever published of an Asian meal?

Sydney people FUCKING love themselves sick and I feel I am getting there. I fear I have lost all care factor, today as I washed my hands after pee number 101 (fucking hell I have female friends who have pushed out three children and have better bladders than me) and I sprayed water all over the front of me. Did I care? No I walked up George Street, brought my movie ticket and flicked my weave.

It's nearly 30 degrees and frankly who is looking at me? No one I answer my own question, 90% of the people I walked past were starring at their phones, 5% were rushing past me and only 1 person or the last rough 5% happened to me an old man who starred at the wet patch. So clearly he was here for Mardi Gras and maybe wanted my male member closer to his.

Sydney, three festivals, one cultural occasion and me not giving a fuck. What a great start to the weekend and another fine blog past for you lovely readers.

Happy Saturday, Lunar New Year & Happy Mardi Gras xo

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