Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Who's a Celebrity & Why is anyone watching???

It's not looking good for reality new kid on the block (no pun intended) I'm a non Celebrity Get Me Outta Here. Opened up with almost 1.2 million viewers and the fourth most watched show of the night, Monday night (AKA night 2) down to 755K and down to the 14th most watched show of the night and last night (AKA night 3) another drop to 685K and the 13th most watched show (however a repeat of Big Bang Theory was in front of it) of the night.

It's not a promising start to the season when there is 3 reality heavyweights all in heavy traffic kicking off at 7:30pm. Got to love commercial TV in this country, lets just go wall to wall reality and hope for the best. Admittedly last night My Kitchen Rules managed 1.4M which is a damn fine effort on Aussie TV.

However I think if we look at the US and Blacklist airing after the Superbowl was watched by a massive 31 million viewers! After (at it's peak) almost 121 million viewers in total watching the Superbowl itself. Amazing stats on social media and advertising revenue and then you see figures like the I'm A Celebrity... in Australia. Yes we don't have the population but man oh man Australia let's stand up and create something we can be proud of.

Let's hope Hiding on the ABC tomorrow night will be a good start to the year!

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