Sunday, February 1, 2015

So we have a shit Prime Minister...

As well as seeing loads of movies this week, chatting to co workers, chatting to new and exciting people there is one thing that comes up regularly. We have a super shit Prime Minister who seems so blind to how bad he is he just goes through the motions and hopes no one will notice, except...

His former friends have, Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt and a host of conservative (toxic) commentators have all weighed in and now joined the Abbott bashing.

Look I'm sort of bored with him, his a loser, a lose cannon, has terrible policies, has lied countless times, loves a three word slogan and behaves like he is still in the opposition. Which he sort of is, he has 27% approval rating (and declining) he fronts a party which is now (likely) to lose two State elections with NSW to follow in March and on March 28, it's almost certain that the Liberals will lose to all us Inner West Left Leaning Soy Latte drinking city dwellers.

I want nothing more than a Prime Minister/leader to look up, the country needs it, we need a strong, smart leader o lead this great country beyond 2015. Tony Abbott is not what I am talking about, he is a shocking public speaker, his mocked by almost all major media, he has said some of the most unintelligent ridiculous statements ever recorded and he seems to have no idea how dreadful he is.

Can we just ditch him and move the hell on? Come on Turnbull we are looking at you, it's now or never or face another year and a half of all major media sources asking time and time again, so when is the next leadership challenge? Did it work for Kevin & Julia, no, will it work for you, definitely not, at least a handful of people liked Kevin or Julia on a good day.

So let's move on, forget the last few months of cuts to the ABC & SBS, forget the failed 2014 budget, forget the horrible treatment of refugees and just get on with making Australia great, mate.

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