Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Yeah fucking right...

Not a SINGLE major city last night pulled more than 200,000 viewers for this TV event of the year. Totalling only 580,000 viewers and the 19th most watched show of the evening. Last week second most watched show of the night and 1.1 million viewers.

Haemorrhaging around 50% of it's viewers Channel Nine must be nervous. According to Wikipedia this is a 7 part series, how low will episode 7 rate?? And with the Block not the hottest show on the block this year they don't have much of a lead in.

Is Australia bored of War series after Anzac Girls on ABC last year and a pile of War films in recent months, American Sniper, Unbroken, The Water Diviner & The Imitation Game.

Before Channel Nine calls their next TV event of a year they should maybe do a wee bit of market research, cause this is DEFINITELY not the TV event of 2015.

That said I watched a fuck load of TV last night and I saw some stellar stuff. From Girls and a great heartbreaking episode to Looking Season 2 which is finding it's feet and the characters are really starting to grow on me. Whilst Shameless (US) was just gripping and gut wrenching in this week US episode.

And to be 100% there were some sex scenes on Shameless last night which were WAY hotter than anything in 50 Shades of Fuck me I'm bored as shit get me home.

Not to mention a stellar Q&A and Media Watch, I just really love Malcolm Turnbull and my god Lisa Wilkinson, maybe sitting next to a hair in a can type dude like Karl makes you seem dull on morning TV but on your own you shine baby girl.

Lisa and Malcolm performed extremely well on a challenging Q&A with all things Bali 9 and Tony Abbotts appalling week where "Good Government" was meant to start????

All in all, TV event of the Year, it ain't Gallipoli and I dare say it won't be on Channel 9 either.

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