Thursday, February 12, 2015

Winter V Hiding

Two new Australian series started recently and I'll be damned two networks (well the ABC has always supported Aussie Drama, Channel 7 has it's moments) have launched their hopeful dramas for 2015.

Hiding on ABC uses some old Seven talent and tries hard but to me it was lacking something, time will tell and I will give it another episode or two. Hell I gave the Straits an entire season FML.

Winter sees Rebecca Gibney (the golden Channel 7 child, after Lisa McCune wrapped on Blue Heelers) to a role she played last in the tele movie - the Killing Field. With a few characters returning from the Telemovie it kind of felt like an extension of the telemovie and it kinda worked. I will be interested to see how long this will keep the Channel 7 viewers hooked. After all this would be a similar demo to a Place to Call Home, where viewers will now be forced to flick over to Foxtel if they want to see series 3 & 4.

So Winter aired last night (it's second episode) and tonight is the second episode of Hiding the James Stewart (Packed to the Rafters), Lincoln Younes (Home & Away) & Marcus Graham (E-Street fame - oh hi Wheels) series.

Time will tell how they both do but I feel Winter has the GP appeal and Hiding might just disappear like the wonderful Time of Our Lives. God damn that was a good show.

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