Saturday, October 10, 2015

American Horror Story | Hotel

Quoted on Variety as "Let's Take this Garbage to the Curb" and titled "American Horror Story: Hotel isn't trash - It's Garbage. Well look I know it's been 20 years since Garbage released their debut self titled album but that's a lot of use of the word Garbage. Now Variety it's not all bad, it's very violent and weird in parts but I honestly enjoyed this a lot more than I enjoyed some other episodes of the American Horror Story franchise.

Now Ryan Murphy is having a rough time with Scream Queens so it would be a disaster if two shows were epic fails however the early ratings for American Horror Story were positive and Lady Gaga was delicious on the small screen.

Slightly down on last years Freak Show first episode but higher than Coven, Asylum and the first season Murder House. I hated Coven I thought it was a great cast WASTED. This series it's a great cast and I am not sure where it's all going. Time will tell if it turns out to be a Scream Queens red hot mess but I have hope in this season.

Murphy is also hoping his all star casting will work for upcoming American Crime Story - The People Vs O.J Simpson (debuting on FX in Feb 2016) and his strike rate will improve again. That said only Shonda Rhimes is as busy as he is, with Greys Anatomy still on, Scandal kicking goals and How to Get Away with Murder just smashing it. Her next series and hopeful ABC smash The Catch will commence in 2016.

Overall American Horror Story's latest story Hotel is good and I will continue with this ride, however my dance card of shows right now is at capacity. Man what a lot of stuff to park my old ass on the couch with.

Also look out for my review on The Principal, the new SBS drama I hope to catch up with on the weekend.

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