Friday, October 9, 2015

The Leftovers Season 2.

The Leftovers was an interesting Winter (Australia - US Summer series) last year and returns this year in the peak September/October period. The first season really interested me, 2% of the worlds population vanished into thin air, an interesting concept and one that is the opposite to Glitch (ABC Australia TV), The Returned, Resurrection and European versions of these same shows.

It became a little same same but not really that different after watching these shows. At least the Leftovers 2% of people are fucking off and NOT returning.

The show is one of those cult shows, where people will either love it or hate it, there is no grey area, no in between, just love or hate. There is a problem with this sort of programming as it's hard to grow an audience once you have reached all who will enjoy this sort of thing.

However with critical acclaim and a second series now on and continuing to grow it's cult following as well as hopefully some new viewers.

News sows come and go but it is always hard settling into that difficult second series where comparisons will always be present and people will always say, "oh season one was so much better than season two", the story lines were better and it lost it's way a bit in the second outing.

People are hard to please and like music not everything creatively people will produce will turn everyone on, however for me the Leftovers intrigues me and I am going to stick with this one, a new town (Miracle) this season where they had no one "vanish" and a new interesting family. A lot happened in episode one and it set things up to be rather interesting this time around.

The Leftovers, it's not for everyone but I'm in xoxo

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