Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dannii Minogue is..

So CAMP and amazing I have to say I had the best time @ Dannii Bingo this past Sunday, can anyone else believe it's hump day already this week? Fucking hell right, and with a few US shows on break this week what I am going to waste my time on, no Empire, no Scream Queens HELL NO!

Back to the purpose of this post DANNII, she was so sweet, so funny and was helping raise money for her chosen charity. Dannii seems to be at home on stage with two drag queens and a room full of gays. Fresh from X Factor rehearsals Dannii took to the stage, looking gorgeous, and not to mention tiny next to two tall trannys.

Dannii has always been the one out of the spotlight whilst Kylie is set to release a recording artists suicide a Christmas Album. Oh Kylie, love pet, what happened to the Impossible Princess days.

Dannii is simply stunning and really gave it her all, hair flicking and mincing around that stage like no ones business.

I had a blast, won no prizes but fell head over feet in love with the younger (in my mind more fabulous) Minogue.

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