Sunday, October 18, 2015

BNE @ the Movies, all for $6, yeah you heard me, $6! (Well Almost) - Part Two October Version

I am beginning to love Brisbane and after my previous six week effort at the cinemas up North, I was back for round two. First film in line LEGEND.

I have to start off by saying how much I love Emily Browning, she is particularly fabulous in this role and I am sure after casting agents see this film their will be many more Hollywood roles coming her way. Unfortunately Sucker Punch (a former film she had a crack at Hollywood with) was fucking terrible, beyond terrible even. It was one of (if not) the worst films I saw that year.

Tom Hardy also starred in that fucking horror of a feature Sucker Punch but he is great as the two Cray Brothers in this Legend. This was a real talent to play two completely different twin brothers in this role and the technology for the scenes the two were together in (which was almost all of them) was second to none.

I enjoyed every moment of this film, it is slightly long, however this true crime story is a good gangster film and extremely well done. I would like to see Black Mass to dare to compare, but for now Legend to me is a near perfect Gangster flick, Hardy and Browning when playing a married couple or a brother/sister in are great. God bless you Emily Browning what a terrific export and what a long way you have come since a guest role on Blue Heelers.

Legend rates a big, bright and excessive 4 Stars.

Get the tissues ready for my second film and like the first another complete Australian legend Toni Collette stars in MISS YOU ALREADY.

I not only love Toni Collette but I LOVE Drew Barrymore in a different way. Toni Collette has done so much great way on Australia (and US TV), Australia and US films and she is just a true blue homegrown legend.

This film is such a true look at friendship. Two girlfriends who grow up, grow apart and celebrate all life has to offer.

This film was just so beautiful, so touching and I have to admit the damn lights at the cinema went up way too quick, I had snot coming out, tears and I was also making some horrid sounds. I was a sight,but this film was simply beautiful, I loved every moment, every moment the two killer leading ladies shared.

Miss You Already was just beautiful, 4.5 stunning Stars.

Finally to the horror/romance (yes there is such a thing as Horror plus Romance) CRIMSON PEAK.

Look it's a little silly at times and the scares are few and far between and highly predictable but still I enjoyed this follow up to Pan's Labyrinth Guillermo del Toro does create beautiful but highly violent films.

Crimson Peak had the hard task of following the two above stellar films (also previous recent hits with me The Walk, Everest and the brilliant The Martian.

So I am going with 3 Stars for this visually stunning film and nice to see former Queer as Folk (UK Version) and Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam get a gig.

All three however are worth a look as is the beautiful city of Brisbane, thanks to all the lovely coffee suppliers for giving me my usual 300 cups a day, to all the great locals and all the gang @ QPAC, you are all just lovely, lovely xo

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