Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gotham Continues to Impress Me & Australian TV actually lifts it's game

After killing off one of my favourite additions to the Gotham cast I am still equally impressed with the shows direction in the tricky season two. Like albums for hype artists second seasons of hyped up TV shows sometimes struggle to find ratings/viewers from the first season and continue to get media attention.

Gotham I do strongly believe will probably wrap this year (next year as it's a split USA TV season thing 2015-2016) but as many Fox network shows are in the same basket it really could go either way. Unfortunately it's a cut throat world in the US TV market and with many new shows launching it's a dog eat dog world right now.

I do hope however as above not confident that the show will be back for a third outing.

Whilst on a positive note, Australian TV has also taken a turn for the better with the wonderful ABC launching a second year of Mental As. This was amazing programming last year and this year it returns with more focus on Australia's growing Mental Health problems.

This brings to the mainstream many issues and shows Mental Health is normal and not something to run scared from, to actually face up to the BIG issues.

Also this week The Principle commences it's four part series on SBS. It's great to see SBS back in the drama game, East West 101 was one of the best dramas to ever air in this country, with it's diverse cast and many issues and themes covered, it was brilliant TV.

Q&A on Monday the Mental As edition was particularly brilliant (as always - Tony Jones is a pure gem) however will the new copy cat show on Nine The Verdict manage tonight or will it be some poor man's Q&A. My prediction epic fail and after earlier programming like the Block and beat up bogan issues like ACA it doesn't exactly have a strong intellectual lead in like Q&A does.

Unfortunately for Channel Nine they should just stick to Sports and bogan reality shows. Sports (live) over the weekend proved this was the final frontier for live TV with epic ratings for both Grand Finals, AFL & NRL.

Again thank god for the ABC, Mental As is brilliant and is a wonderful incentive from OUR ABC.

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