Monday, October 5, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

For my 2,100 post it's appropriate that I see a BIG, bold and true event story blockbuster EVEREST.

Now the trailer did nothing for me (to be honest I see that many movies and nearly all of them I saw this trailer ahead of it and by the 15th well....) but I am learning more and more that is not the tell tale sign that I will love or hate a film.

So please don't judge a book by it's cover, this is brilliant. Fitting after seeing the near perfect The Martian yesterday (review below) it's hard to return to the cinema to see another film in case it's a disaster.

Well this film was a disaster but that was the (sad at times) matter of the film based on true events. I never know what is true and what is drama when something like this so large scale is shown on the big screen.

The cast like yesterday's picture is beyond brilliant and it's such a big ensemble. Sometimes this can backfire however not in case. Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty - successful former Home and Away Aussie film star) as Rob Hall leads an all-star cast including and not limited to Robin Wright, Jake Gyllenhaal (chest hair and all), Josh Brolin, Martin Henderson (such a handsome Kiwi) and Keira Knightley.

So if any of the above cast float your boat this is well worth a look in.

Now the end is rather bleak but the journey there is brilliant. The scenery and way this film is shot is brilliant, I was in love with it. There was limited flaws with this film however it was not a 5 star outing. Still I am going as high as the hills with a near perfect 4 Stars.

Everest is BRILLIANT a must see at the big screen, if all movies were made this well and on this large scale there would be no online piracy, this is a big screen at the movies event moment. GREAT.

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