Sunday, October 11, 2015

Australian TV STOP it, I'm not used to this much GOOD stuff (I'm looking at you ABC & SBS)

I can't say much for Channel 10 who are still trying with TBL Families but failing on EPIC levels this season. Look I like the idea of getting people fit, but fuck man, the best thing is Sydney cutting buses up George Street, if you want to get fit watching the TBL Families won't help you one kilogram. That's my attack on Channel 10 for this Sunday, also actually you still pay Andrew Bolt so you guys FUCKING SUCK big time.

Channel 9, oh boy where do I start, The Verdict, well I wanted to hate it before I watched it and judge it, but wait I watched the majority of episode one on their pathetic catch up service (please Channel 9 IT take some tips from iView cause Jumpin or whatever it's called suck dogs balls) and shit it was bad. Karl is NO Tony Jones, nor should he be hosting a show like this. Lisa Wilkinson would be stunning but Karl you just don't cut it and look like a poor mans Tony Jones without the intelligence.

Why it also sucks:

1. Karl makes statements (sometimes questions) and a large (up to seven people at once) all talk over each other and make sweeping statements which have no evidence behind any of them.

2. You had an AFL player I had never heard of answering and discussing major issues WTF, I though the Footy Show had ended for 2015.

3. Jacqui Lambie and Mark Latham on one panel alongside hair in a can deer in headlights host Karl Stefanovic, fucking hell.

4. The twitter feed sucked. I really doubt this show was even live.

5. With only five episodes to air Channel 9 must be thinking thank god, we came third in our time slot and just had over 500,000 viewers (NATIONALLY).

So The Verdict was the worst new show of the week joining a long list of failing titles, Celebrity Apprentice, The Block season 75 (75 seasons this year alone), ACA and I could list more I just cannot be bothered.

Channel 7, man you are coping online flack for your so called "Fast Tracked" US shows, mainly Heroes Reborn.  Look I commend you on trying more drama and less poor reality in your schedule (you must have learnt a lesson from the pathetic Restaurant Revolution - who on Earth thought this show had legs) with the X Factor surprising me and not being a dogs breakfast maybe singing shows still have some life in them.

So now it's to the good after the bad, The Principle is impressing EVERYONE I talk it, how fantastic to see a show so topical at the moment getting great word of mouth (the best form of advertising I think) but not great ratings. However it's up on the brilliant Better Man from last year on SBS. SBS is still killing it with it's non competitive, multi cultural and brilliant food shows and the best news Ph & Co will be back. Alongside that a comedy from one of Australia's best columnists the divine Benjamin Law.

ABC is bringing back the brilliant Please Like Me, after international acclaim and critical love Josh Thomas's series is back for season 3. Thank god a trendy gay who likes decent things back on TV a real role model. This however is not the best part of ABC this last week and next, the work they did on Mental As again this year has been beyond brilliant. If you are a Tony Abbott Liberal voter you may disagree with me but there has never been a more important time to support YOUR ABC.

Mental As, just brilliant, ABC you rock and the programming over the last week online, on the TV and radio has been varied and diverse and amazing.

I love the ABC and will continue support an alternative to the dull and stupid commercial TV this country continues to churn out. Channel 10, 9 & 7 lift your socks over the Summer series please, dear god, please. And Channel 10, it's time to go Andrew Bolt.

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