Saturday, November 7, 2015

Another Day, More Flights Grounded, More Nasi Goreng & Facials

Most mornings if I am not running in the gym, following a swim I have a walk up the beautiful beach here at Seminyak and here is a view back at our beautiful hotel, Alila, Seminyak. Also you can easily spot one of the cute dogs who run up and down the beach in the incredible heat.

Biku is easily one of my favourite places to have lunch, dinner or even high tea, it's affordable, has lovely staff and a super menu that caters for all tastes and times of the day just lovely. It's also conveniently on the way to my local laundry place (one needs these when you pack for three/four days and are now on day seven - what what???).

Our hotel has also had two great little opening night parties the last two nights, free food and drink, right on, great timing when on a budget and needing to watch how much you spend from your insurance allowance.

Anyway other than my fat thumb on the top left side this was a cute little thing one of the local businesses brought by. I wish this hotel every success the staff are divine and the pools are brilliant. The Gym when it is complete will be ace and you can join a Yoga class each morning at 7:30am right next to the breaking waves on the nearby beach.

It has so much to offer, for young, old and everything in between. There were families here, couples, anything goes really.

So when will I be home? Only time will tell, I do miss Sydney coffee, however the rain has sounded dreadful. I also miss watching all my stories. I cannot believe how many shows I will have backed up to watch. I am dying to watch the second episode of Kitchen Cabinet. Bloody hell Annabel Crabb is a good egg.

Alright that is it for today as I sit here having a Bali soy latte in the restaurant and am thinking about starting breakfast after a 5KM run, a swim and some hand washing to keep my day to day items going.

Oh Bali I did get my wish and have an overlong stay.

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