Thursday, November 19, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

What happens when you bypass watching a trailer, reading anything (including a sneak peek at the movies Wikipedia page) and knowing very little about a film? In the case of FREEHELD you have a fucking grand old time.

So I went off the below poster:

Not much to go off right? But that said it could be a romance between a beautiful and elegant Julianne Moore and a handsome woman/lady boy?

Ok that out of the way, I will pop the trailer in as it's my thang but if you want my experience look at the above poster and go in blind, it is an amazing thing. Only today I saw the Joy trailer for the fourth time in as many outings to the movies, I go from being interested, to "I would never see that" to I'll most likely give it a go.

So Julianne Moore STOP making me cry at the movies, you are brilliant, this movie was brilliant but stop it, you are just too sublime.

Ellen Page was also a stand out in this wonderful drama, which happens to be a true story. True stories lately (like Bridge of Spies) makes me want to give the film a higher mark just for me going to the movies and actually/potentially learning something about this crazy mad ass world we all live in.

Other than the two leading ladies, Steve Carell is great as a camp Jewish gay and the chair of Garden State equality. Now let's get one thing straight (LOL) I so DON'T care about marriage equality and here is why:

1. I love going to other people's weddings - shout out to Andrew and Stef for you're sublime wedding on the weekend, but they are just not for me. I hate being the centre of attention, I hate fussing and if the music wasn't just right and I didn't have a dance off on the D floor, I would have the fucking irrates for a month.

2. I live with my partner, have done for almost 6 years and no piece of paper is going to make a lick of difference to what we are, who we are and why we are.

3. I have no problem with anyone getting married, two men, two women, a man and a woman, a dog and a man, but if it's going to happen Malcolm just make it happen, endless Q&A discussions, endless media speculation, endless conservative opposition, if it's this hard or this easy, JUST SAY YES OR NO, I am OVER it.

So there, but what Julianne Moore and Ellen Page had in this movie is sublime. Their love for each other, the fight they had to put up against those conservative c%$ts on the County Board and their lovely house and life together.

This movie is showing in seriously select cinemas so hunt it out, it's so much better than Spectre, I mean it's not even in the same league. Props to Miley Cyrus who also added a great song to this even greater film.

This is outstanding cinema, 5 Stars, near if not PERFECT.

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