Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aussie BBQ Heroes

Channel Seven what in the wide world of FUCK is Aussie BBQ Heroes??? I actually thought this was a joke/mockumentary however this is the latest in a long string of Australian belly flop reality shows.

Take a look at the trash below:

Australia continues to churn out shit reality show after shit reality show and after Channel Ten's highly dull Upfronts this week, it looks like the reality rubbish continues throughout 2016.

This show debuted 10th program of the night and under 700,000 viewers. Generally these reality shows start high (although 700,000 is hardly high for these reality shows) and then start a downward spiral.

Look at Restaurant Revolution, it started at 670,000 and then the second episode was down to 510,000. Not only is under half a million dreadful but advertisers start to question the value of their advertising dollars. It's like Alan Jones saying a then Prime Ministers father died of shame.

These reality shows are becoming increasingly dull and that is only from a one minute promo. One minute of this shit is literally a minute too much. Why oh why when there is so many ace American drama series currently airing would Channel Seven waste funds developing this rubbish and hoping to attract an audience to this tired food porn genre. Worse still it looks like this is filmed at a caravan park? Bogan much?

Oh Australia when you stop putting money into Drama and the ABC this is what happens. Despite the Beautiful Lie being one of the worst new Australian Drama's the ABC has held it's head high this year with great new and returning programs. They get ratings for these shows (like Gruen and current affairs programs) Channel Ten's reality franchises would die for.

So will this show last the Summer or will it be banished to Seven Mate (where honestly it belongs with their other bogan noise) or worse still Saturday nights?

Speaking of Channel Seven, looking forward to seeing the Minogue sisters on the X Factor Grand Final as this has to be the campiest Christmas thing in like forever.

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