Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ARIA's this week, Music, Music and More Music

The ARIA's are on Channel 10 this Thursday with the Red Carpet kicking off at 7:30pm and the actual awards at 8pm. Channel 10 no competition from the other two commercial networks as it seems they both slid into Summer Programming early, so here is hoping that the ARIA's draw a decent ratings number.

The good thing about the ARIA's are, Australian music sales usually rise, and already Triple J has given their Australian Music Awards and been given a lot of flack over choosing Courtney Barnett. What do I say to these people - FUCK OFF. Courtney Barnett is doing amazing business overseas and is a great representation of this nations fine and very diverse musical talents.

Triple J always copes shit for their J Awards, there decisions and the Hottest 100, however if the J Award went to Tame Impala for the third time would that be fair?

So come on Australia leave JJJ alone, can we say anything positive about the musical decisions made by the folk in programming at 2DAY FM (aka Hit 104.1), Kiis FM, Smooth or I don't know why I even mention Triple M? These stations are just woeful, their presenters, the poorly produced ad's, the corny segments, the even worse stunts and who could forget those pranks that can go terribly wrong.

But back to music, and my other BLOG Flashing off the Record is all about Music and with around a month to the Album of the Year is announced it's important for us the analyse the 5 albums a little closer and this week we start with the brilliant Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick will be in the country early next year for Bluesfest and a side show or two. I am extremely excited to welcome this amazing talent to our fine brown land.

While we are talking music (and mostly local) let's take in some key new releases from some of this lands most brilliant artists.

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